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Bend Teardrop camper FAQ

5x8 Bend Teardrop Trailer
Bend Teardrop Camper FAQ
What is a teardrop camper?

A teardrop camper, also known as a teardrop camping trailer, is a small trailer shaped like a “teardrop” and used for camping outdoors with many of the benefits of–but without the inconvenience of–a full-sized RV. All our teardrop models feature a pop-up outdoor galley kitchen that allows you to cook in the great outdoors without smelling up your sleeping area.

What do I need in order to tow a teardrop camper?

To tow a teardrop camper, adventurers will need a tow package with a 2″ ball and a standard 4-pin connection for the brake lights. We also suggest installing a ball mount to adjust the ball height to 18″ off the ground. At 18” off the ground, adventurers can sleep level without having to unhook the trailer from the hitch. Tow packages are readily available at local retailers, such as Uhaul. 

Do the teardrop trailers require brakes?

In most cases, it’s not necessary. We do, however, offer an a la carte option for those cars with lower tow capacities.

Can a teardrop trailer go off-road?

The Axle has 12″ of clearance off the ground, which equals if not exceeds that of most trucks. Teardrop trailers can go just about anywhere most vehicles can go.

Does towing a teardrop camper affect gas mileage?

Compared with full-sized campers, teardrop trailers, with their aerodynamic and ultralightweight design, will not significantly affect gas mileage.

What is “shore power,” and how does it affect a teardrop camper?

Most RVs require “shore power,” defined as the power provided at a campsite or through a generator to power 110v outlets. Since teardrop campers are small enough to access tent sites, our stock models have battery-powered outlets and amenities, but we also offer an option for an AC shore power hookup in case adventurers want to access power from a campground to run some heavier-duty appliances. Keep in mind that our teardrop trailers are designed with dry camping in mind, so shore power is rarely required. Our solar option all but eliminates the need for shore power.

Can I install a cooler in the back galley?

Installing a cooler in the back galley is possible, but inadvisable. First, it adds weight to the back of the trailer, which can cause problems since trailers tow better when the weight is distributed toward the front. Second, a cooler takes up valuable storage space that could otherwise be better used. 

Do teardrop campers come with AC units?

The 10-speed 2-way roof vent standard in all our models offers plenty of cross ventilation in most cases. For adventurers camping out in hotter, more humid climes, we offer a 2,300 BTU portable unit option, which we build into the camper for you. These units require 110v AC Shore Power or a Generator to function.

What kind of mattress should I buy for my teardrop camper?

A queen mattress will fit in our 5×8 and 5×10 models. The 6×12 model fits a California king on the floor plus a full-size mattress on the bunk. For the 6×12 bunk, we recommend a full size 3" memory foam topper instead of a mattress so kids will have the most headroom. For the floor, we recommend a spring mattress around 6" thick, not memory foam as they collect moisture.

How do I heat my teardrop camper?

Our teardrops are well insulated so a heat source is not necessary until temperatures drop below freezing. In such conditions, and when dry camping (camping without shore power), we recommend indoor-safe propane heaters such as the “Little buddy.” If a power source is available, we recommend an electric space heater. Electric heat helps to keep the cabin dry, whereas the propane heaters will cause significant condensation. We also offer a forced-air propane heater from Propex that minimizes condensation.

Will rooftop solar work with a rooftop tent?

No. If you have or are planning on getting a rooftop tent and want to use solar, we recommend having us install a solar plug hardwired to the battery so you can plug in a portable suitcase-style solar panel. You’ll want a panel of around 100 watts and make sure it comes with a charge controller.

Do teardrop trailers come with leveling jacks?

Every teardrop camper comes standard with a wheeled tongue-mounted trailer jack that levels front-to-back. The jack can also accomplish side-to-side leveling, which only requires moving it by hand to find the flat spot. In extremely slanted spots, rocks or leveling blocks will help to even out the low side. If you are planning on using a roof tent we suggest using rear stabilizer jacks so the people on the roof do not shake the trailer when shifting at night. 

What kind of maintenance do teardrop trailers require?

Bend teardrop’s campers require almost no maintenance. Unlike most campers, there is no need to winterize them or prepare them for long-term storage. Once a year you’ll want to tighten the wheels and lube the hubs which are easy to do with a grease gun, and that’s about it.

Do you warranty your teardrops campers?

Yes, we offer a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects, which is a year longer than most of our competitors. 

Do the teardrop campers lock?

Yes, each door has a latch lock that locks from the outside and a deadbolt that locks from the inside. The back hatch locks and so does the optional tongue-mounted storage box.

How do I secure my teardrop trailer?

There are several options for hitch locks. We recommend the kind that locks through the hitch pinhole. For long-term outside storage, we recommend a tire lock.

Do I need to register my teardrop camper with the DMV?

In the State of Oregon, if the trailer weighs less than 1,800lbs and does not have a permanent stove, the DMV considers it a utility trailer, which does not require registration. Other states may differ. Bend Teardrop’s campers come with a VIN, Certificate of Origin, and a bill of sale, so should your state require registration, you will have all the information you need. As a company based in Oregon, we do not charge a sales tax on purchases, but your state may charge one when you register it. To insure a camper, all you will need is the VIN number.

Do you offer delivery of your teardrop campers?

No, we do not offer delivery. However, there are several companies that will pick up your completed camper and tow it to you. We recommend Most of our out-of-town customers pick their trailers up and camp on the way home.

Does Bend Teardrop offer financing?

We do offer in-house financing with Rock Solid Funding. We also have worked with several banks to help customers secure a loan. We can provide all the necessary paperwork to help secure a loan. Our customers have had the best luck with community credit unions for financing, and in most cases they have needed an invoice in hand prior to starting the application. We recommend you speak with one of our teardrop camping trailer specialists for more information.

How to do buy a Bend Teardrop Camper?

To start the process click on our “buy” page. There you can customize a Teardrop to your liking choosing from our three models and various options. Once submitted one of our Salespeople will be in touch with an official quote. Your salesperson will work with you to answer additional questions, make recommendations and iron out the final quote. Once you approve the final quote all we need is a deposit to get you in the queue.

How do I submit a deposit?

Personal check is fine for the deposit but we will require a Cashiers Check for the balance when you pick up your completed Camper. You can also pay with a card but there’s a 3% surcharge on all card transactions. To submit via card just call the shop. To pay by check make it out for the deposit amount on your invoice to Bend Teardrop and send to:

Bend Teardrop
20580 A Painters St
Bend Or

We will send along an updated invoice notating your deposit once we receive it.