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Mobile Sauna Prototype


Our 6x8 towable salt-lined cedar saunas can accommodate 4-5 adults. It's super lightweight only 1,100 lbs, towable with almost any vehicle with a hitch. Interior ceiling height at its highest point is 6’8”. All model total exterior height from ground to ceiling is 8’10” They are easily movable by hand. The walls, floors, and furniture are made with locally sourced Northwest cedar. The interior is warmly backlit with a Himalayan salt course, fully adjustable to the color and brightness you desire. Each SaltSaun.NW towable sauna comes with a cheerfully lit covered porch with two bench seats to cool off after a relaxing steam.

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This Towable Mobile Wood Fired Sauna come with:

  • Heavy duty off-road ready trailer base with 13" of axel clearance
  • Full size 15" highway speed wheels and tires
  • 100 watt Rooftop Solar Setup
  • Multi-Color Backlit Himalayan Salt Course
  • 2" Receiver Hitch
  • Rear Stabilizer Jacks
  • Covered Porch
Other Options

The Sauna Bench opposite the stove is big enough to sleep on so it works as a single person camper as well!

Mobile Sauna Prototype
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