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Teardrop Snow Camp 3

Teardrop Snow Camp 3

Feb 28, 2021
We embarked on another snow camping mission this weekend with our latest 6x12 build. We tried out a few dry heating options mainly a ceramic candle...


Jun 15, 2020
Week took our Teardrop down to the Lower D to try out our new Floatilla kayak design. It rained both nights but we had a nice pocket of sunny skies...
6x12 Bunk Options

6x12 Bunk Options

May 11, 2020
We offer two bunk configurations in our 6x12 Double Family Style Teardrop Campers. Option 1 is two side by side crib sized bunks with inside...
Pandemic Camping

Pandemic Camping

Apr 19, 2020
Is it safe and responsible to camp during these times of the Pandemic? I think it can be if done correctly. First and foremost only go with people...
Second Story

Second Story

Feb 6, 2020
We recently had a customer who's kids were a little too big for the 5 foot bunk in our 5x10 ultra-lite Teardrop Campers but wanted an option for...


Nov 8, 2019
We like to keep it pretty simple here at Bend Teardrop but sometimes a customer asks for a little extra and we're happy to oblige.
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