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Summer of the Tallboy

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May 15, 2024
Summer of the Tallboy

The Spring build schedule is trending heavily with orders for our newest model, the Tallboy "Stand In" Teardrop Camper. People are loving the concept of a Teardrop Camper that sleeps 4 + with enough headroom to stand in and an Outdoor Galley Kitchen. We've built 10 so far and we're drilling down to the configurations that our customers prefer. For medium sized people we recommend our standard cabin configuration which is a full size (70.5"x54") back bed and a set of 70"x27" bunks that convert to couch. The bottom bunk is set at the same height as back bed so a camper longer than 70" can sleep north to south across a portion of the bottom bunk. For taller customers or couples we recommend option 2 a 70.5"x80" Wide Queen back bed and 44" couch. We can also overlap a bunk to couch configuration for taller families of 4 +. Whichever configuration you select all our builds are custom and we can tailor it to fit your specific needs. There's still time to get your own Tallboy for the Summer. Orders we're currently receiving are projected to be completed mid-July so get on the customizer at to start the ordering process.

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Tall Teardrop
Tall Teardrop Camper
Stand in Teardrop with Outdoor Kitchen
Tall Stand In Teardrop
Tall Stand In Teardrop
Stand in Teardrop
Tallboy Teardrop
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