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Two 6x12 Tallboy Teardrop Configurations

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Dec 7, 2023
Two 6x12 Tallboy Teardrop Configurations

After some really good customer feedback we continue to streamline the interior configurations of our New 6x12 Tallboy Stand in Teardrop with Outdoor Galley Kitchen. We've come up with two interior designs to fit the needs of taller people, couples, smaller families, grandparents with the occasional kid guest and larger families. For larger families or camping crews that change in size on the fly we've got our standard configuration with a full-size 70.5"x54" back bed and two 70"x26" bunks that convert into a couch to open up the space and accommodate smaller parties with more seating options. For singles, couples or smaller families we've got our Dinette Configuration with a dining table booth which converts into a 44"x30" small bed and a wide 80"x70.5" queen in the back. The back bed connects to the bottom bunk to accommodate a sleeper over 6 feet tall.

There's no price difference between the two just let us know which one you'd prefer. We can also customize further to meet your specific needs. Call, text or email us at the shop to discuss.

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