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Tallboy Teardrop Snow Mission

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Nov 15, 2023
Tallboy Teardrop Snow Mission

We took the new Bend Teardrop 6x12 Tallboy Stand in Teardrop with outdoor kitchen out on its first snow camp mission. It towed well through ten plus inches of fresh snow without issue. We had the whole spot to ourselves which is one of my favorite things about shoulder season camping, no crowds, crazy weather, big fires and friends all make Teardrop camping a blast in the snow. We brought out the electric Moonbike Snow Bike, rallied the back country and towed the kids around on innertubes. At night the temps dipped into the twenties but the wife, kids and dogs we were very comfortable in the fully insulated cabin made extra toasty by its Propex forced air propane heater.

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6x12 teardrop
Tall Stand In Teardrop
Tall Teardrop
Teardrop camping
12v heater
Tallboy Teardrop Snow Mission
6x12 Tallboy Teardrop
Tallboy Teardrop
Bend Teardrop
Propex heater
Bend teardrop camper
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