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Eclipse Teardrop Camp Out

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Oct 14, 2023
Eclipse Teardrop Camp Out

We took the New 6x12 Tall Boy out to the middle of nowhere to check out The Annular Eclipse. The Ring of Fire Eclipse took place in the morning at 8am so we camped out the night before making sure to find a camp spot with a clear unobstructed view of the southeastern sky. We made a big fire, cooked up some premade chicken lentil soup in our outdoor galley kitchen and enjoyed the evening. It was a chilly night, but we slept comfortably in our insulated cabin. We did run our Propex heater for a bit to get it extra toasty before crawling into bed. It was a rainy night in a muddy spot so it was very nice to have the stand in walkway inside the cabin to kick off our shoes, wipe of the dogs paws and hang up our jackets before hoping into bed. Loving the new Stand In 6x12 Tall Boy Teadrop!

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