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Snow Camp

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Oct 30, 2018
Snow Camp

People always ask how well our campers do in cold weather since they typically don’t come equipped with a heater so after our first significant snowfall of The Winter we decided to head up past Mt. Bachelor for a Teardrop Snow Camp Mission.

All the “Official” Campsites along The Cascade Lakes Highway we closed for the season. We pulled off on a Forrest Service Road and plowed through about 2 miles of foot deep fresh snow. Luckily our Ultra-Lite Teardrops have a ton of ground clearance and a water tight aluminum lined undercarriage, we got down the road just fine. We found a nice little spot to camp for the night, made a big fire, a tasty dinner, then climbed into our fully insulated cabin. The temperatures outside were in the low 20’s but we stayed nice and toasty in The Teardrop without a heater of any kind. Just a couple extra blankets was all we needed to get through the night.

The takeaway, snow camping in our Teardrops is a fun and pleasant experience. Just me sure to bring a lot of firewood, extra blankets and a little whiskey.

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