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Epic Teardrop Summer

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Sep 6, 2023
Epic Teardrop Summer

We've had a great Summer camping all over Oregon in our Bend Teardrop Family Style 6x12 Camper. We went rafting on the Lower Deschutes River, surfing at the Oregon Coast, fishing and hot spring dipping at Paulina Lake, mountain biking in Bend and more. It's so easy in our 6x12 Camper since it's sleeps our family of four and two dogs comfortably. Towing our Bend Teardrop 6x12 is a breeze over rutted and rugged roads with it's high clearance and lightweight design. Meal prep is the best with our Galley Kitchen since cooking outside keep all the food odors out of the sleeping quarters. The whole family loves camping in our Bend Teadrop 6x12 Family Teardrop Camper.

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