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Tallboy Summer

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Jun 28, 2024
Tallboy Summer

It's official, our newest model The Tallboy stand in Teardrop is now our best-selling model of 2024. Our customers are loving the idea of a lightweight Teardrop Camper you can stand in with an Outdoor Galley kitchen. We've built twenty so far and have drilled it down to the three best interior cabin configuration we suggest. Option one is our standard build with a Full Size 70.5"x54" back bed and two 70"x27" bunks that convert to couch. Option two has a 81"x70.5" California King Size back bed that slides back to open up the floor space and two 70"x27" bunks that convert to a couch. Option three is for couples with no need for kid accommodations equipped with a slide back California King and fixed loveseat. All our builds are custom so just let us know if we can do anything extra for you. Our lead times are still quite good for peak season, orders we're getting this week are projected to be completed late August. Click on the "buy" page and fill out the customizer to start your Bend Teardrop build.

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6x12 Tallboy Teardrop
Bend teardrop camper
Family teardrop
Large teardrop
Stand in Teardrop
Stand in Teardrop with Outdoor Kitchen
Tallboy Teardrop
Tall Teardrop Camper
Tall Teardrop
Tall Stand In Teardrop
Tall Stand In Teardrop
Teardrop Trailer for sale
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