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New Prototype

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Jul 29, 2019
New Prototype

Yesterday we completed a build of our new prototype Teardrop the 6x12 and just had to try it out. We took our Bend Teardrop Ultra-lite Teardrop Camper up the Cascade Lakes Highway to enjoy a little fun in the sun. We floated a little snowmelt stream into the lake then camped by the shore in our Teardrop Camper. The cabin in our new 6x12 has two side by side bunks in a 10 foot cabin it was nice to have both kids in their own space. We added under bunk slide out drawers and cabinets which kept all our clothes, toys and stuffed animals organized. This was a fun trailer to build not sure if we are going to make any more or what we're going to charge for one if we do but it does seem to bridge the gap between the simple basic and compact teardrop concept and comfort of a full sized camp trailer.

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