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Tall Stand In Teardrop

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Sep 28, 2023
Tall Stand In Teardrop

We've had several customers ask us if can make a Tall Teardrop that you can stand up in and we've been toying with concept for years. We always strive to keep our designs lightweight and towable with small SUVs and after much toil I think we have achieved this goal! Behold the 6x12 Tall Teardrop! Eight foot three inches tall, 2,020lb with six foot three inches of ceiling height. This is our first prototype the next version will be a little more streamlined, but the bones are in place. I tried it out solo on the way to a fishing trip and really enjoyed being able to stand inside and change in inclement weather. I can't wait to try it with the wife, kids and dogs that will be the true test but I'm confident we will all fit comfortably.

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